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The milk fat globule remains the least understood component
of one of the world's most valuable agricultural commodities, milk.
Darwinian selective pressure drove the emergence of a remarkable
lipid delivery system in which the particles and their surface properties are
unique to any other biological lipid export system. Recent nutrition
research is identifying multiple factors  associated with the milk fat 
globule membrane and its structures that provide distinct health
properties.  One of the most unique feature of milk fat globules is that
they are secreted over a wide range of sizes; the milk fat globule
size rages from couple of hundreds of nanometers to over 15 micrometers. 
The composition of the milk fat globule is closely associated with its size.
My research aims is to reveal the biochemical and nutritional regulation of
milk fat globule size in order to elevate the content of bioactive molecules in milk.
The ultimate goal is to develop  dietary manipulations
which will result in production of milk with better quality for human health. 


Research Areas: 

Our lab research interests can be divided into two research areas:
  1. Pursuing dietary means to control milk lipid composition with the ultimate goal to increase
    content of bioactive molecules.

  2. Revealing the metabolic-biochemical pathways regulating milk fat content and composition,
    with a special focus on milk fat globule size.

  3. Sustainability- In an effort to boost production of farm animals  we study how local breeds of
    dairy animals utilize local vegetation which may help maintaining productivity even under stressful
    conditions such as energy balance, inflammation and lack of water.  These studies are focused
    on local breeds since these animals are already adapted to the Mediterranean climate and
    vegetation and can utilize food ingredients  that other breeds cannot utilize to the same extent.


Milk lipid globules; lipid macrostructure; triglyceride; polar lipids; membrane; diet; dairy.
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